Grace's Gift Projects

When we lost our beautiful Angel Grace we also learnt that baby’s are being lost each day at a high rate of 17 baby’s per day in the UK alone and little is known yet about the possible reasons why?

Approximately 10 times more babies are stillborn than die of cot death every year in Wales alone, The rate of stillbirth in The United Kingdom is higher than comparable countries.

This is why our Kick Band project is so very important.

Every baby is unique and the key is to get to know what's normal for your baby, so you can tell if there are any changes to your babies’ daily habits.

The Kick band gives you the tool to monitor your babies’ pattern of movement. Whether, that is through counting movements, or just as a visual tool to remind you to think of your babies’ pattern of movement, and rhythm of life.  Whilst all babies move in different amounts and different times, most healthy babies will move repeatedly in your uterus.

A frequent pattern of your babies’ movement throughout your pregnancy is an excellent indicator of fetal well-being.  Fetal movements can be anything from a kick, flutter, swish or roll and movements are typically first felt by the mother between 18-20 weeks of gestation and rapidly acquire a regular pattern.
“Being aware of your babies’ movements is something that Mums can do to monitor the health and wellbeing of their unborn child. A reduction in movements can mean that the baby is not well in the womb. Or can indicate a maternal health issue.

Let’s not forget that babies sleep regularly during the day and night and normally do not move much during their sleep.

A significant reduction or sudden change in movement is an important clinical sign.
For both maternal and fetal wellbeing, attending routine antenatal check –ups will help you monitor both yours and your baby’s wellbeing.

Our Kick bands are provided free to each Mother under the ABM University Health Board at between 25-28 weeks of pregnancy. It is our hope that by giving this gift it will help empower each Mother and father with information and support, enabling them to become more proactive and vigilant at keeping track of baby’s movements, by becoming more aware of the possible risks surrounding later stages of pregnancy, signs and symptoms during their pregnancy, and more importantly, significant changes in the fetal movement pattern, which may help identify any possible or potential problem early.

It is our hope that the Kick bands will help to give expectant Mums the confidence to call for advice and work with their midwifes and healthcare providers.

Don’t delay contact your midwife or maternity ward.

These bands are available to Mothers outside of the area in our shop.

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